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If all that heavy lifting isn’t for you then HIPPO’s Man and Van service, Here to Clear, is exactly what you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Man and Van Service

What is Man and Van?

HIPPO’s Man and Van service, also known as ‘Here to Clear’, is committed to helping you with bulky waste collection. Designed to take the heavy lifting off your hands by providing labour as well as an alternative to waste removal, our friendly and experienced team will come to you at a convenient time, clear your waste and dispose of it responsibly.

How do I book a Man and Van service?

With HIPPO’s Man and Van (Here To Clear) service we will help to book a time slot that best suits you. Just use this website to get a quote or call the team on 0333 999 0 999.

Do I need to be present for the Man and Van service?

Yes, the nominated contact needs to be present during a Man and Van collection to confirm you are happy with HIPPO’s estimate.

What if my rubbish is difficult to access?

If you’re unsure about whether our team can get your rubbish from where it is, send us some pictures or a short video from your smartphone at so we can get a better idea and confirm.

Are there any extra charges for rubbish removal?

There are no hidden surprises at HIPPO, there are additional charges for supplementary items such as tyres and refrigerators but these are clearly marked in the pricing structure and will be fully communicated when our drivers arrive on site. If we have to move rubbish down the street or a distance from where the rubbish is located it’s possible a reasonable labour charge will be applied.

What happens if my estimate is wrong?

HIPPO reviews all collection requests and will be in contact to advise if your estimate needs amending. If there’s more waste than estimated, we will advise of any additional costs via phone or email and process the agreed payment.

Waste Type

What types of waste do you accept?

Our Here To Clear service is great for bulky, heavy items such as furniture, white goods and much more! For a comprehensive list of items we do and don’t take, please see Accepted Waste page.


Are there any types of waste you won’t collect?

There are a number of waste types that HIPPO is not able to collect, such as asbestos, hazardous substances, food waste, etc. Please visit our Accepted Waste page for a comprehensive list under the Not Accepted Waste section.

What’s the difference between heavy and light waste?

Heavy waste can be defined as materials such as soil, bricks, paving slabs, and tiles while light waste refers to general household junk.


What happens to my waste when you remove it?

All waste is collected and taken to a Waste Transfer Station audited by HIPPO and selected due to their commitment to recycling and the environment.

At the Waste Transfer Station, your waste is sorted and recycled where possible or used to generate energy. Any materials which can not be used are only then sent to landfill, meaning we have a recycling rate of over 95%.

What is a yard of waste?

A cubic yard of waste is 3ft x 3ft x 3ft – roughly the size of a standard builder’s bag.

Do your prices include VAT?

Yes, all of our prices are inclusive of VAT.